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ISO 9001:2015 - halfway there?

ISO 9001:2015 started its journey in 2012 when the working group met in Bilbao, Spain, to write the design scope for the revision.  It is scheduled to be published  in November 2015.   At the half-way point, we review the draft standard; how will it change?  what will you miss?  what will you find that wasn't there before?


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15 January 2014

30 March 2012:  Quality Ireland is an initative to improve quality in Ireland.   Rody Ryan, the chairman of Quality Ireland, announced the establishment of Quality Ireland at the Quality Conference at Sligo IT on 3oth March 2012.  The Vision of Quality Ireland is "A better Ireland" and, this will be carried out through its Mission "to promote and foster a culture of quality in Ireland to make life better for individuals, communities, organisations and society in general".

The inaugural meeting will be on 19th October 2012 by which time Quality Ireland will have stablished  a clear plan of action and support which will provide tangible benefit to members.

Until this time, you are welcome to join in the discussion about the substance of Quality Ireland by joining the LinkedIn group using the short-cut -