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ISO 9001:2015 - halfway there?

ISO 9001:2015 started its journey in 2012 when the working group met in Bilbao, Spain, to write the design scope for the revision.  It is scheduled to be published  in November 2015.   At the half-way point, we review the draft standard; how will it change?  what will you miss?  what will you find that wasn't there before?


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15 January 2014

Progressive Certification have published a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) on integrating management system standards (PC-PAS.001:2012).

Organisations who implement more than one management system often wish to integrate them so that common elements can be managed as one activity across their systems.  Because of the unique structure of clauses in each of the three popular management standards (ISO 9001 - Quality, ISO 14001 - Environment and OHSAS 18001 - Health and Safety), integration has proved challenging.  PC-PAS.001:2012 provides a structure for integrating these three standards into a coherent structure.  PC-PAS.001:2012 can also be used for organisations implementing a single management system but with plans to add other management systems in the future.

The "holy grail" would appear to be a composite standard with all the requirements re-written into a single all-encompassing document.  However, ISO have not yet published such a document and certification bodies have to work with (and are accredited for) individual standards.  At present, the wording of the compliance standard has to be as published by ISO (or equal) and each requirement of the individual standards has to be complied with (except where deemed excluded).  PC-PAS.001:2012 provides the structure to integrate the standards and meet all the compliance requirements.  Progressive Certification encourage the full integration of the standards by organisations provided a suitable mapping to each integrated standard is provided;  PC-PAS.001:2012 is ideal for this purpose.

Progressive Certification publish PAS documents free of charge without any restriction on their use or distribution.