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ISO 9001:2015 - halfway there?

ISO 9001:2015 started its journey in 2012 when the working group met in Bilbao, Spain, to write the design scope for the revision.  It is scheduled to be published  in November 2015.   At the half-way point, we review the draft standard; how will it change?  what will you miss?  what will you find that wasn't there before?


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15 January 2014

On 15th March 2012, ISO 9001 celebrated its 25 year anniversary.   On 18th June 2012, the ISO TC 176 Working Group 24 meets in Bilbao to write the New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) for the revision of ISO 9001;  due to be approved in November to meet a publishing target for the end of 2015. 

ISO 9001 has been remarkably successful but what about the next 25 years?  What should be revised for the standard to enjoy continued success and to meet the expectations of the very wide user community?

In an article, Richard Hadfield reviews the history of ISO 9001 and some of the challenges it faces at the age of 25. Richard shares his wish list for changes and invites you to share your views.    

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