Progressive Certification guarantee client confidentiality. Our contract agreement expressly covers client confidentiality and all our staff and auditors have signed a confidentiality agreement that extends in perpetuity. Copies of specific agreements can be viewed on request. The Directors of Progressive Certification have signed the Business Policy that includes a commitment to confidentiality.



Progressive Certification are committed to impartiality in all areas of their business. Impartiality is maintained by separating consultancy from certification activities. Impartiality aims to preserve objectivity so that all organisations have an equal opportunity to gain certification and that certification is based on compliance with a standard and nothing else. Training activities, where they are generic (and not offering specific solutions to maintaining or creating management systems), are not considered as consultancy by the IAF (International Accreditation Forum).



An appeal is a complaint about a certification decision made by the certification body. A certification decision is normally:

    • A decision to certify an organisation 
    • A decision to withdraw certification before the expiry of the certificate.
    • A decision to categorise a non-conformity as one which threatens continued certification 

Any appeal will be addressed promptly with the appellant informed of the decision. The directors of Progressive Certification will review each appeal. Any director who has been directly involved in matters relating to the complaint will provide information relating to the appeal but can not be involved in the decision as to whether the appeal is upheld or not. The decision of the director(s) is final. 



Progressive Certification receive complaints in any media (letter, eMail, contact through website or telephone). Each complaint will be acknowledged in writing (preference of email) within 24 hours of being received. All complaints are reviewed by one of the Directors and, in accordance with the nature of the complaint, addressed as soon as possible. The complainant will be informed of the outcome of the complaint. Progressive Certification aim to address every complaint within 7 days and complete corrective action within 30 days. Complaints are addressed in accordance with ISO 10002 with cause, correction and corrective action being fully considered for each complaint. Escalation of a complaint, if necessary, will involve a review by the Directors with any Director involved directly in the complaint being excluded from the decision regarding corrective and/or corrective action.