Product certification is assurance that the product meets the required standard. It is often supported by a quality management system and many product standard specify key elements that would be in a management system standard. Product certification differs from system certification in that the certification mark can be used on the product and its packaging. Product is often selected at random during assessments to ensure that it meets the parameters of the standard; in cases where this is not possible, all records are examined to ensure that the product was satisfactory when delivered and/or installed.


Product certification is commonly required for building products (e.g. concrete, cement, roof tiles, bitumen, insulation etc.) as it is required for the completion certificate or similar. Other products such as fuels (coal, gas, oil, wood fuels etc.) are also commonly certified with or without the requirement for certificates of analysis. The pipes used to convey liquids are certified to ensure that they meet the specifications for strength and durability.



Product certification is often taken for granted until an incident highlights the need for third party certification. Progressive Certification offers certification to many product standards and will work with accredited laboratories where required.


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